Way to Grow Pediatric Therapy offers Pediatric Occupational Therapists help for children to restore or develop their function
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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Way to Grow is now offering pediatric Physical Therapy to our growing practice! Our Physical Therapists focus their specialized practical skills and treatment sessions on play based therapy, motor control and motor learning techniques, strengthening and neuromuscular re-education, gait training, manual therapy and elongating tight musculature. They can also assist in providing equipment and bracing /orthoses recommendations. Our physical therapists are experienced (15+ years) in the pediatric physical therapy field, and we are excited to add their experience, knowledge and specialized services to our growing team!!

Services Provided
• Upper and lower extremity strength
• Range of motion
• Balance and coordination
• Trunk strengthening for postural control and stability
• Gait deviations
• Mobility skills
Areas Treated
• Congenital Torticollis / plagiocephaly / brachial plexus injury
• Delayed gross motor development
• Coordination and balance disorder
• Idiopathic toe walking and other gait abnormalities
• Nonsurgical management of orthopedic conditions (perthes, foot alignment issues)
• Post operative / post casting rehab (i.e: post osteotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip, post tendon lengthening procedures)
• Neurological conditions (cerebral palsey, spina bifida, hypotonia/ hypertonia)
• Genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome
• Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

"I wanted to tell you that I will forever be grateful to you. There are no words that can express the pure excitement, joy, and pride I had for my son today and it was mostly because of all the hard work you and he put in together. Today he went to the dentist, he had x-rays (all of them), he got a cleaning (all the way even the dentist part with his tools), he did fluoride treatment without spitting it out, he didn't need headphones, he didn't need sunglasses, he laid in the chair till they were done, he sat still, he didn't gag, he let them floss, the whole nine yards without any problems!!! Had you not known, you never would have never guessed he ever had any issues with going to the dentist! It was amazing, and for that I will forever be in debt to you. Thank you so much, you are truly a god send."

-Kristy B

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